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Volayon Hyacooler Cold Stone Therapy

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This cooling stone is an affordable and a daily quick fix tool to supplement your skincare routine. Cooling stone is just the common name and it is not made of stone.

You should try to include this in your daily routine because it is the cheapest investment and gives one of the biggest bang for your bucks! Just need to buy once.

How it helps

People have been trying to cool their skin for centuries for beauty therapy. And it is not without reasons, just that people back in the olden days do not have scientific reasonings.

  • The first benefit and the most obvious one is by cooling your skin it will tighten your pores. Yay! 
  • Second, if you apply facial mask, you MUST use this! With contracted capillaries nutrients can permeate deeper into the skin! 
  • Hotter skin has higher evaporation rate, meaning less moistures on skin. A cooler skin will hold moisture better when using moisturiser.

Besides beauty therapy,

  • if you have a bruise you can alleviate the bruise. 
  • use it to soothe itchiness instead of scratching! 
  • use it to reduce swelling if your children bump their head! 
  • use it to relive muscle pain from your yoga, marathon running!

Take my money!!! Buy!

I told you! Best investment, ever!

How to use it?

  1. Just chill it by putting it inside freezer or in the fridge.
  2. Use a ziplock bag to prevent contamination from raw food etc.
  3. Chill for a couple of hours or longer if required.
  4. Before using please test with your hand.
  5. Try not to exceed 20 minutes per use.

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