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Sterimar Nasal Spray for baby

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Jaimie Baby brings you this MUST HAVE item from Sterimar Nasal Spray for your baby.

Shop with peace with Jaimie Baby's guarantee: Full refund if you have any doubt about the authenticity of our product.

We have two types of nasal sprays here, the Nasal Hygiene and the Blocked Nose. Both are using natural sea water from Cancale Bay in France. They are all 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Both are direct imports from France.

Nasal Hygiene/Breath Easy
The names used differ for different markets. UK retail is using Breath Easy, while French retail is using Nasal Hygiene. Nasal Hygiene/Breath Easy is for daily use and helps clean your baby's nose. It is for baby from new born to 3 years old.

As a mother we all know how hard it is to clean your baby's nose, especially if they vomited after drinking milk. As the milk in their nose dried it obstruct their breathing. Use this nasal spray daily to keep their nose clean. I use this after bathing my baby.

Blocked Nose/Congestion Relief
Blocked Nose is the French retail version while Congestion Relief is the UK retail version. Sterimar Blocked Nose/Congestion Relief is for clearing stuffed nose. It is for baby 3 months or older till 3 years old. It can quickly decongest your baby nose and eliminates even the thick mucus. Help your poor baby when he or she is down with cold or flu.

As you all know by now I have 3 kids. And the worst thing a mother can encounter is the stuffy nose your baby suffered from flu or cold. This is especially so for baby under 2 because the doctor will not prescribed any medication. And come night time it's heart broken to see them breathe through their mouth. So this Sterimar Nasal spray is a god send to all mothers.

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