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Sterimar Breathe Easy / Nose Hygiene / Blocked Nose / Congestion Relief Nasal Spray for Children & Adult

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Jaimie Baby brings you the children and adult version of the Sterimar Nasal Spray.

If you are looking for the baby version please head over to my shop and look for the Sterimar Nasal Spray for baby.

As we progress slowly but surely towards living with and opening up this item has become an essential in life.

There are two versions of this nasal spray, the daily use Breathe Easy Daily and the Congestion Relief for relieving congested and blocked nose. There are two names used in the market. The UK versions use Breathe Easy Daily and Congestion Relief. What I have here are the FRENCH RETAIL VERSION Upsized 100ml !!!! 😍😍😍 And they go by the English name Nose Hygiene and Blocked Nose.

Breathe Easy Daily / Nose Hygiene
STÉRIMAR original isotonic formula Breathe Easy Daily is a 100% Natural Sea Water based nasal spray which can be used daily to help cleanse the nose and eliminate impurities from the nasal passages. Daily use can help improve breathing and so enhancing the quality of sleep.

STÉRIMAR natural isotonic formula is free from drugs, steroids and preservatives, making it suitable for daily use from 3 years and up. STÉRIMAR Breathe Easy Daily can also be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women and may be used following nose surgery.

Congestion Relief / Blocked Nose
STÉRIMAR Congestion Relief is a hypertonic solution made from 100% natural sea water, enriched with added copper and magnesium salts to help prevent flu contamination, wash away even thick mucus and rapidly decongest the nose in case of colds and sinusitis.

STÉRIMAR Congestion Relief helps to fight colds, sinusitis and limit the risks of secondary infection by washing out nasal cavities with no known side effects from chemicals like steroids or preservatives that some medications may have.

By cleaning and clearing the nasal passages, STÉRIMAR Congestion Relief helps to rebalance nasal primary functions – removing congestants that block the nose and not allowing it to work properly.

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