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Perfetta Premium 3 ply Face Mask with mouth clip

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Jaimie Baby brings you the Perfetta Premium Face Mask.

This 3 ply face mask just launched! It only comes in PINK! But that is not the selling point. The main selling point of this mask is it is very comfortable to wear it.

It now has a mouth clip! What is a mouth clip for anyway? The mouth clip provides support to the mask around your nose and mouth region, giving the region "rooms to breath". You know when we talk with a mask or breath hard the mouth and nose region will collapse due to the suction of our nose or mouth. And you get a mask stucked to your nose or mouth and you need to readjust the mask to make room.

So now you have a mouth clip! Furthermore, the ear loop band is now thicker! Thicker ear loop puts less pressure on your ear and thus more comfort as a result!

This mask is meant to be worn for prolong hours. Now with added Cu++ nano tech it gives added protection for up to 24 hours. It feels like soft cotton on your face😦 After one whole day of wearing this mask the inside doesn't get soak up like those mainland made disposable face masks. The fitting is so good that you really feel the air coming in and going out through the face mask, NOT from the side, top, or bottom!

This face mask is manufactured by the now renowned Vietnamese manufacturer Perfetta, made famous by the Perfetta Ultra 4 ply surgical mask that provides all day comfort. Perfetta Ultra was the most sort after face mask in the region during the onset of the pandemic.

A little history:
Back then face masks were OOS everywhere!! We managed to secure a few boxes of imported surgical grade Perfetta disposable masks from a friend (at 3 times the street prices!). Throughout the pandemic Perfetta face masks were prohibited from exporting to other countries!!!

After that our family and friends swear by it. We have been using Perfetta disposable masks ever since 🥰.

We also retail the Perfetta Ultra 4 ply Surgical Mask in our shop. Please check it out.
There's also the Perfetta 3 ply for children as well. Equally high quality. Equally comfy.

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