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Perfetta children disposable face mask 3-ply - 99% VFE/BFE/PFE FDA - ASTM level 2

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Perfetta disposable face masks were highly sort after during the early onset of COVID-19 in early 2020. Back then face masks were OOS everywhere!! We managed to secure a few boxes of imported surgical grade Perfetta disposable masks from a friend (at 3 times the street prices!). Throughout the pandemic Perfetta face masks were prohibited from exporting to other countries!!!

After that our family and friends swear by it. We have been using Perfetta disposable masks ever since 🥰. It is extremely comfortable. Both my elder children wear this to school everyday with no discomfort. It is 3 ply in construction and pass stringent Japanese, European and American standards. No cutting of corners 😷. Cheap disposable face masks always have this tingling sensation, but not Perfetta disposable mask for children.

It feels like soft cotton on your face😦. After one whole day of wearing this mask the inside doesn't get soak up like those mainland made disposable face masks.

Each box contains 35 individually sealed disposable face mask👍! This retains the freshness of the face mask.

Here comes the science part

This disposable face mask is made with spun bonding technology, combined with melt blown onto non-woven fabric to form the mask. It is certified to be ASTM level 2 on the box but manufacturer's website stated it has attained level 3 now.

As children has yet been vaccinated, protect them. Don't let slight budget differences jeopardises their health safety.🥰

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