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Moyuum 모윰 Silicone Baby Wrist Teether

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Jaimie Baby is happy to bring to you the MOYUUM Silicone Baby Wrist Teether! We are shoppers too! We came across this and bought one for baby Catherine and it turned out to be one of our best buys online! Good thing must share and now we brought in limited stock direct from Korea. Yay! Now you can get local ready stock!

This awesome silicone teether is one of its kind. It is designed to be wore like a wristband or bracelet on your baby's hand. The ergonomic design ensure the teether stays on your baby's hand. Made from soft premium silicone, MOYUUM Silicone Baby Wrist Teether is made in Korea and received Korea Good Design Award for its child friendly design.

The MOYUUM Silicone Baby Wrist Teether is boil tolerance and microwavable.