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Dot To Dot

[Limited Edition] Dot To Dot Silicone Pacifier with anti-drop teether

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Jaimie Baby is happy to procure some limited edition DTD (Dot to Dot) TGM's pacifier + teether.

Good things must share!

Okay. We know DTD (Dot To Dot) is not popular in Singapore, YET. But it is quite big time else where outside Korea. We really like the cute Dotcom bear, and his little girlfriend Dotkomi. (Do check out our limited edition DTD and Modu'I Baby Food Container)

Every now and then, DTD will collaborate with a major brand name, in this case TGM, to produce a limited edition product.
This fabulously designed pacifier is made by TGM in a collaboration with Dot to Dot. TGM is Korean well known for manufacturing quality products for baby.

The pacifier glows in the dark! We all know how hard it is to locate your baby's pacifier in dim lighting, or if you switch off lights completely for your baby's room switching on lights will be 😱 It also comes with a clip-on teether for the pacifier to prevents falling off. The teether has a matching mascot as the pacifier.

Jaimie Baby is able to procure a small quantity of this limited production.

1x TGM X DTD Silicone Pacifier
1x TGM X DTD Matching Teether

Made in Korea

❗️Please remove pacifier and teether when baby is asleep.
❗️Avoid excessive prolong use.
❗️Wash with a gentle detergent and dry before using again or store away.
❗️If you are breastfeeding please use when your baby is 4 weeks or older.
❗️Prolong boiling may damage the pacifier.


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