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Koongs Koongs

Koongs Koongs Soft cotton/bamboo handkerchief (쿵스쿵스 )

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Jaimie Shop is proud to present to you this beautifully created soft handkerchief towel from Korea.

Koongs Koongs is another one of our favourite brands. Their mascots are absolutely cute!

We carry these little soft handkerchief towels with us when we go out with baby Catherine. The handkerchief towel looks pleasantly elegant when we use it to clean Cath's face. The embroiled mascot shows the love and tender care Cath has.

These days every parent is using disposable wipes. That's why we thought the Koongs Koongs made us stand out of the crowd. We use a handkerchief towel! Of course, not lying, we have to standby 5-6 such handkerchief towels throughout a day out. Wet wipes are reserved for more, um messy businesses if you know what we mean.

Very few things can accompanied a child from very infant to schooling age. That's why we hope this handkerchief will accompany baby Catherine as she goes through different stages of his/her childhood, and into school (hopefully).

A handkerchief used to be a common personal item. Now it is used only by the few who cherish the love and care given by parents, relatives, and close friends. A novelty. Buy it for your love little ones or gift it to your niece or nephew. Or buy it for yourself!

We have two types of materials, Organic Cotton and Bamboo. Both cotton and bamboo have very similar characteristics like soft and breathable. Bamboo has a slight edge over durability. The bamboo version is made up of 65.4% bamboo fibre derived material mixed with 34.6% cotton.

Both are comes in a beautiful diamond weave.

This handkerchief is Make in Korea 🇰🇷

Cotton Version: Made from 100% organic cotton
Bamboo Version: Made from 65.4% Bamboo & 34.6% Cotton

Made in Korea.
Diamond Weave.

Machine wash is possible with netted bag.
Use mild detergent only.
Do not use a dryer with high heat settings or the embroidery may be damaged.
Do not bleach.