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Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask Device [2 Year Manufacturer Warranty]

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Jaimie Baby goes high-tech with Foreo's UFO Mini Smart Mask Device!

Under Jaimie Baby's product range I have all kind of masks, wet, long wearing, mud, LED mask. Now in terms of technological level, no one comes close to Foreo's UFO Mini Smart Mask Device! The Foreo's UFO Mini connects to a mobile application on your phone and the app will control how the device will perform! Beat that!

How it work

Pair your Foreo UFO Mini to your phone via bluetooth. Once it has been paired you scan the mask type's barcode with the app. Next open the mask and insert it into the Foreo UFO Mini. Press start and tada! Start using! Once the timer ends your phone will remotely stop your Foreo UFO Mini.


Our Foreo UFO Mini is device only. Some retail version comes with a free single Make My Day mask (about $2 each). A typical box of 7 cost about $14. Prices of the mask pack ranges from $14 ~50 depending on the type.

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