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Finish Powerball Quantum dishwasher tablet 40 tabs

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Jaimie Baby this time brings you Finish Powerball Quantum dishwashing detergent!


If you happened to chance upon this and do not have a dishwasher yet... Go get one!!!! For a good half of my life I do without one. Now I can't live without a dishwasher!! Shave off 30% of your house chores time. Bye bye washing by hands. Bye bye rough hands.

Finish Powerball is a household name for dishwasher detergent. No need to intro. However, there are a lot of versions. Unless you have 20 people in your household and use your dishwasher like a few times a day, just go for the Quantum or All in 1 Max. If you have a lot of dishes and wash a few times a day then you should use Deep Clean 120 tablets as your main washing detergent and supplement with Quantum. This way it will be more economical, while the occasional Quantum will ensure a more thorough and sparkling clean.

The difference between Quantum and the All in 1 Max is the Finish Quantum is that Quantum has three more properties than the Max, namely:

1st time tough stain removal - This one ensures dried and harden stains are blasted off at one go. We all know how some times after washing there's still a spot of two missed out due to hardened tough stain.

Superior shine - This one actually makes a difference. After using the dishwasher for a while you will notice your plates and ceramics are getting dull out. This one will rejuvenate your plates again!

Gel and Powder - Powder is for scrubbing action best for food stucked on plates. Gel is for isolating grease and removal.

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