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Feld Apotheke

Feld-apotheke Placenta BPF Skin Revolution Cream skin

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This is a very new whitening and firming cream from Feldapotheke, and Jaimie Baby is glad to bring to you (locally) first!🥰

Feld Apotheke's skincare innovative combination technology was applied to shield your natural skin from external harmful stress factors, and to develop self-sustaining power to restore the vitality and balance, giving you a glow and luminous skin that arises from within.

Myrothamnus Flabelifolia - The Resurrection Plant
Myrothamnus Flabelifolia is a type of plant that is found in South Africa. This plant survives in extreme temperature variation. It is known to dry up all its leaves during winter lasting 6 months without much water. And yet it is able to retain all its photosynthetic apparatus and chlorophyll throughout. Upon the first rainfall all leaves are quickly grown back!

HEPTA-COLL - vitamin and colalgen energy
The complex synergy mechanism in Placenta-BPF was created to deliver a combination of 12 types of multivitamins and 6 types of oriental collagen to the skin! Beat that! This ensures dull skin, rough skin texture, breakout scars, are nourished to give way to clear and soft skin.

SUPER-HA7 that powerfully hydrates and firms from within with 6-layer hyaluronic acid and natural moisturisation factor (NMF) emollient

In addition to hyaluronic acids in different shapes with 6 levels of molecule sizes, multi-layered moisturisation were added to the natural moisturising factor (NMF), which normally exists in hydrated and firm skin. In this way, Feldapotheke Placenta BPF provides a multi-moisturising system that hydrates more as time passes, replenishing the skin with moisture and nutrients swiftly that lasts all day long.

Apply once in the morning and once in the night on face and neck, AFTER other skincare routine.

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