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Jaimie Baby

[English version] Pororo music sound card. Nursery rhymes songs for baby and young children

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It's us Jaimie Baby again! This time we want to share - Pororo The Little Penguin nursery rhymes music sound card (yes! Pororo is actually a Penguin not bird. We had to google it)

Good things must share!

Our two elder kids are now screen addicts πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«. We are currently enforcing strict screen time. We wished we hadn't use tablets and smart phones to show them children music songs earlier when they were younger.

NOW! With baby Catherine we are changing things. No more screens! We are now using this OLD SCHOOL music sound cards to keep baby Cath occupied while introducing music to her. πŸ‘πŸ»

Early exposure to screen at a young age will cause the child to be addicted to devices later on in life.

This music sound card is a great alternatives to introduce music and nursery rhymes to your child without the risk of screen addition. It takes a while to kindle interest in the sound card (our honest opinion). But once they get the hang of it you will be rewarded. It's also a motor skill toy. Inserting the cards needs some practice. And baby gets better and better the more they do it.

Each card has dual side.

One side contains an object or animal which when inserted into the player will read out the name of the object or animal.

One side contains the corresponding nursery rhymes or song which when inserted into the player will begin playing the song.

Total 29 songs in total, with one bonus card which will play all 29 nursery rhymes and songs non stop.

Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)