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Crescina HFSC Re-Growth Anti-hair loss Complete Treatment 500 / 1300 for Man

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Jaimie brings you Labo Cosprophar's Crescina HFSC Transdermic Technology Re-growth Anti-hair Loss Complete Treatment 500 /1300 for man!

For MAN!! (cos hubby becoming botak also 😘)
We have for Women as well, please check out Jaimie Baby's store for details.

Crescina Re-growth is NOT ANOTHER anti-hair loss hair treatment. THIS! is designed from physiological causes and not pathological. Chim! What does that mean?? Physiological = underlying reasons why you are botak! While Pathological = you are botak because your hair is falling.

Most anti-hair loss hair-treatment is pathological treatment. Easy money.

Published in Dermatology and Therapy by Springer Healthcare, the report found that after 4 months of in vivo clinical/instrumental double-blind testing, randomised and controlled with a placebo on 46 male subjects experiencing grades II, III, III vertex, and IV of hair thinning (Hamilton-Norwood scale), all of them (23 using Crescina HFSC product) recorded positive results from a minimum of +7 to a maximum of +41 new hairs growing in an area subjected to electronic count of 1.8cm2.

Dosage 200 for initial stages (or moderate hair thinning)
Dosage 500 for medium stages (or advanced hair thinning)
Dosage 1300 for advanced stages (incipient baldness <- my hubby now🥲)

Each box contains
10 vials of Crescina Transdermic Re-growth HFSC.
10 vials of Crescina Transdermic Anti-Hair Loss.
Alternate each vial daily.
Use continuous for 5 days then rest for 2 days. Repeat.
1 box is a 1 month treatment.

Parting notes: Hubbies will NEVER EVER buy for themselves. It's a sign of weakness if they buy. I bought for my hubby and he was like meh... but he's using now kekeke. Man 🙄

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