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Contractubex scar remover gel 30g

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Made in Germany 🇩🇪

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Jaimie Baby brings you another blockbuster hit - the Contractubex Gel scar remover by Merz 😱

First off, Contractubex scar removal gel is renowned for treating scars worldwide. Produced by the pharma giant Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA in Frankfurt, Germany. This company is a global business focusing a lot on medical aesthetics and neurotoxin therapy.

Now, this ultra scar gel is one of the highly sort after product for removing scars and post acne scar treatment especially those who undergo aesthetic procedures. I had a minor accident on the bridge of my nose and the Contractubex Gel is a life saver.

This scar remover gel's main active ingredient is Allium cepa (the same main ingredient as Hiruscar)... Allium what? Onion!! Common onion! Common onions contain a readily available bioflavonoid with antihistamine and anti proliferative. Ok... blur liao 🤪 should have paid attention during your secondary school's bio-chemistry right? They basically helps fight inflammatory and bacterial, soften tissue structure and reduce swelling, and encourage wound healing.

Unlike Hiruscar which focus on post acne scar treatment, Contractubex not only treats post acne scar but is effective for a wide variety of uses making it extremely handy to keep one around.

Very useful to keep around your house in the first aid kit. When my children fall from cycling, or skateboarding, running, the Contractubex ultra scar gel will be there after cleaning the wounds. You will notice immediately the wound will start to dry up instead of watering. Apply after cleaning the wound.

One thing to note is that for more severe scars, the process takes many months. This is not a magical gel. And the sooner you start to apply the faster the healing. For old scars it can take even longer. So time is critical.

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