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Cocolarme Mild Soap 85g ココラルム

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Jaimie Baby is proud to bring you this amazing face soap from Japan.

YES! A bar soap for your face! I know I know. It sounds crazy in today's high tech manufacturing process where facial cleansers were in cream forms. BUT this face wash soap is DIFFERENT, trust me! It is a VCO facial cleanser made from VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) in the form of a bar soap.

After seeing how well it sells, I decided to try it myself. And WOW😦. It is super refreshing. It may feels a little tight after washing (as your skin firms up) so you need to use a little toner afterwards to lock in the freshness. Just amazing. Changes my perception of bar soap and face wash forever. Warning: It's addictive! 😁

The Cocolarme "mild soap" has taken Japan and the region by storm. This face soap has amazing foaming ability. The foam density produced by the face soap/face wash is unparalleled by any other known product, allowing it to maintain its form even after 3 hours.

The unique characteristic of the foam produced by Cocolarme Face Soap/Face Wash allows for full deep cleansing of pores, penetrating deep. The "sticky" surface tension of the foam cleanser has the special ability to adhere dirt and impurities after penetrating deep within the pores. Most foam cleanser or face wash products would simply wash but Cocolarme "stick" and "attract".

How to use:
Please watch the video! A video tells a million words I type. 😋
1. Wet your face with lukewarm water.
2. Wet the net and place the Cocolarme face soap in the net provided.
3. Tie a not so the face soap will not fall out..
4.Lather the face soap against the netting.
5. After a while it is ok if the face soap is not producing a lot of foam.
6. Remove the face soap and continue to lather the net.
7. The net will catch a layer of the face soap and will produce a rich foam eventually.
8. Squeeze the foam out of the net.
9. Apply the foam on your T-zone and nose, then to the rest of your face.
10. Wash your face in a circular motion with the foam.
11. Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do not leave any residue on your forehead, face, or hairline.
12. Pat your face dry with a soft towel.

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