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Chez Bebe

Chez Bebe (쉐베베) Stylish Milk Bottle Insulated Thermal Bag w Scattered Bear Embroidery

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All sides thermal insulation. Ideal for keeping breast milk bottles or baby food cool/warm. You can sling it, carry like a tote bag on your elbow, or hang it on your baby stroller.

Good things definitely must share!

We looked high and low, near and far. But there's just no insulated milk bottle thermal bag that looks cute to lug around when we visit the malls. Seriously, most insulated thermal bags are just too orbiang looking. Fit for going to NTUC. Or just have too typical MxxxCare designs, eg Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Rainbows, etc etc etc.

THIS! is very fitting (for Jaimie and baby Catherine). Korean/Japanese minimalistic design. Not too busy in design. A look you can tell it's for your precious baby. And even I lug it around feeling good lol.

It just looks really good. I like the Ivory (more towards creamy beige) Canvas very much, and so does Jaimie. It gives out a radiant warmth. And canvas is rugged but practical.

The bag has insulation paddings on all sides. The buckles are good quality and comes in slightly high polished. The zipper is smooth to use. The stitching is also very high standard. The stitching for the straps are very secured as you would expect from a quality product.

We use this thermal bag for all kinds of things. If we are going out with baby Cath for half the day we would put her refrigerated breast nan nan in with Coleman type reusable ice pack. It can be kept cool for a long while. Remember to wrap the ice pack with a small towel to absorb the condensation.

If we are going out for a short while, we would put her diapers, wet wipes, some of her teething toys, etc.

Now that baby Cath is eating solid food, we will put her food inside, together with utensils, etc. This bag is large enough to accommodate most items we threw at it lol! And it is at the same time not obscurely BIG.

After using it for a while you can expect the canvas to turn slightly greyish due to usage. This is normal but it doesn't make it look dirty in a way. That is the characteristic of canvas material.

There's two designs: Scattered Bears (This) & Three Bears (Please check out our store)

For the Ivory Canvas, it is made with 100% cotton. The black canvas on the other hand is made of 100% polyester. We currently only have the Ivory Canvas for now. Note: The photos are taken under natural lightings and the actual colour is slightly different.

The Chez Bebe Insulated Thermal Bag is made in Korea, not anywhere else. The mascots are embroidery, NOT PRINTED. On quality perspective, it is quite unmatched at the moment. From price perspective, we have to admit it is on the high side. But hey! As the idiom goes, "Buy cheap, buy twice"

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