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Chez Bebe

Chez Bebe 쉐베베 Baby bolster with bolster case embroidery high quality quilted cotton

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Mascot Design
Jaimie Baby is happy to bring you the fine and exquisite Chez Bebe Baby Bolster!

As with all baby products from Chez BeBe, they chose to use quilted cotton for the bolster case. It is an EXCELLENT choice for the bolster case.

Quilted cotton is 100% cotton. What makes it better than normal cotton is it is heavier and has more body. It can hold shapes longer after many wash cycles. This baby bolster will accompany your child as he/she grows through the years. The bear or bunny are embroiled onto the bolster case, and not the usual printed image.

With our two older children we bought them the typical kind of bedding items from Singaporean usual shops like MxxxCare and some Palace shop 😆 Their baby bolsters are, okay. Good quality from what you paid for. But somehow their baby bolsters lack the cuteness, lack that extra bit of love.

When we saw Chez Bebe's baby bolster we decided to bite the bullet and get it for baby Catherine. Chez Bebe's baby bolster cost a little more than what we found in our usual shops. BUT! When we received the bolster we knew it made the difference. When we saw baby Cath cuddling the bolster in the morning when she wakes up we knew it was different.

When we took photographs of baby Cath with the bolster, you can tell that alot of love is given. It is not just another baby bolster with dolphin printed on it mass produce in a factory in the millions. This one is special.

An excellent as a gift for a family member's or friend's newborn, or 1 year old birthday.

Here's the specifications:
1x baby bolster 10cm x 60cm (allow +- 2cm margin of error)
1x matching quilted bolster case with embroidery (choice of Bear or Bunny)
Each bear or bunny are individually embroiled. NOT PRINTED on.
*the colour may differ from the photo due to the use of natural sunlight lighting.

100% made in Korea.
Quilted fabric.
100% cotton.

⭕️ Hand wash recommended! Although machine was is possible.
❌ Do NOT bleach (no bleach for baby's stuffs please).
❌ Do NOT use a dryer.
❌ Do NOT iron.

❗️Be sure to wash before using the product.
❗️It is recommended to wash by hand with mild detergent in cold water below 30 degree celcius.
❗️If washing by hand is not possible, please use a washing net and wash separately.
❗️Avoid using a dryer and allow it to dry naturally in a cool place.
❗️Do not soak or boil for too long as it may cause discoloration.
❗️Please do not bleach.

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